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Come visit the holy Jordan River and where Jesus walked on the water. A variety of day trips including the baptism in Jordan River.

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baptism in Jordan River

Jordan River is one of the rivers referred to most in history and literature and its importance is primarily religious importance. The Jordan river is one of the most visited sites in the Holy Land. Jordan River passes along the Great Rift Valley of the Holy Land, is Israel.

The river winds along 251 kilometers from its source at the mouth Hermon alone the Jordan valley to Sea of Galilee. Sources of the river includes snow- and rain of Mount Hermon, and formed from the River “Hermon” (Banias) River “Dan” and the river “Snir.” The Jordan River is considered very sacred to religion of Christianity.

Baptism at the Jordan River is part of the ritual in which pilgrims that come to the river, practice. Jordan River has several Christian holy sites, according to tradition. Holy water from the Jordan River, are being sold around the world On the Israeli side of the river about 10 kilometers east of the city of Jericho Jordan River, drive pilgrims immerse site called “Qaser al Yahud” (The Jewish Fortress).

The Old City of Acre

The site abounds in churches and monasteries, and is known as the “land of monasteries.” At the site is located John the Baptist Church, is also known as the “Church of Qaser el Yahud.” According to belief baptism site “kaser el Yahud”, is the third holiest Christian site in the world, and is only third to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the Basilica of the Annunciation in Jerusalem.

Ceremony Epiphany, (means “revelation”), takes place on January 18th and – 19th. On this day it is believed that Jesus was reviled as a Messiah. According to the New Testament, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist at that site.

During that baptism, the voice of the Holy Spirit, which reveled as a dove, announced that Jesus is the messiah, and is the son of god. Baptism performed by John the Baptist by faith, symbolizes the spiritual birth of Jesus, unlike the actual birth which occurred in Bethlehem.

Epiphany ceremony differs among the various communities, but the main elements include baptism in the Jordan River with a white shroud, making the memory of the story Jonah and the sanctification of the water. Baptism ceremony is mainly performed at the site by the Orthodox Greek, but the site is open all year round.

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