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What was not said about the Dead Sea? The lowest place in the world that offers a spectacular coastline that includes hotels of the highest standard. If you take Dead Sea tour, you will have a memorable home experience.

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HotelsThe Dead Sea area is full of attractions such as the spectacular natural sites, spas and healing centers and historic sites. The Dead Sea is the lowest place in the world (approximately -419 meters below sea level). Along the sea are natural medicinal springs contain many beneficial minerals and strengthen the body skin elbows. In addition to this are in the black mud pools and an excellent ingredient used for natural health and beauty treatments.

Dead Sea area are dozens of hotels at all levels about -4200 rooms offer the many visitors who come from around the world. In addition, the kibbutzim and holiday villages offer hundreds more bedrooms and various activities.

Masada, Jericho, Ein Gedi & More

Near the Dead Sea can be found in a large number of historical sites holy to all religions such as Masada, Jericho, Ein Gedi, Roman fortresses and several monasteries in the Judean Desert. These places are offered to vacationers travel guides accompanied by certified professional archaeologists, including tours, agricultural tours, Bedouin hospitality, rock climbing and more.

Weather in the Dead Sea area is very hot and dry and can reach about 40 degrees Sltzios months from May to September this is also the season of the Israeli tourist vacation spot. So, if you want to get to the Dead Sea in this period, it is desirable and advisable to book a place at that time in the relatively large extension Holy arrival to Israel.

The Lowest Place In The World

Holy pilgrims come to Israel or Jerusalem hotel recommended in Bethlehem and from there to the Dead Sea and Masada. Arrival Dead Sea is convenient and possible by the Egged bus or by car. The main road is Highway 90 is connected to Jerusalem and west and runs along the right path of the Dead Sea. The road is spectacular and can be found along the many hiking trails and a number of exhibitions of sculptures from around the world. It is important to note that during the winter months there is a risk of deterioration of rocks and floods coming to the area and it is important to follow orders police premises when these incidents occur.

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