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Get to know the capital of the Negev of Israel. A day tour to Beer Sheva and the surrounding area is an experience you will not forget.

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Be’er Sheva also known as Beersheba, often refers as “the capital of Negev”, is the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel and the sixth largest city in the country. The city located on the main route between Eilat and both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The city got its name in the Bible from the covenant made by Abraham with the Philistine king, Avimelech. It literally means the well of the oath.

Be’er Sheva is not so welcoming at first impression in terms of tourist facilities and breathtaking views, but it’s can be perfect for any traveler who wishes to taste the history and the architecture of the place.

When visiting Be’er Sheva you can follow the trail of biblical figures – Abraham lived in the city for 26 years and his son Isaac lived there for many years as well. In addition, Be’er Sheva is the place where Abraham and his son swore an oath of non-aggression with the Philistine leader Abimelech. Beersheba is also significant for being the site of the patriarch Jacob’s dream about a staircase reaching into heaven.

What to see

Those planning to travel to Beer Sheba will enjoy the Old Turkish town – The Turkish town also has a wide array of ethnic restaurants and bars. The town was planned by German and Turkish engineers in the days of the Ottoman Empire. At the old town you will enjoy an interesting Turkish and German architecture dating back from the end of the 19th century.

Abraham's Well

This is the place where Abraham and his son swore an oath of non-aggression with the Philistine leader Abimelech. The well is located at the edge of the old town.

Teel Be'er Sheva Archeological Park

The park is listed as a World Heritage Site and offers visitors a look into life in ancient times. This is a must see destination. The park is located outside the city, next to Omer.

The Bedouin Market

The market take place every Thursday morning. In the market you can find Bedouin merchandise and a wide array of other products. The market is located outside the city on the road to Eilat.

South of the city a desert spa “Neve Midbar” is available for those wishing to soak in hot mineral waters for a reasonable price.

Beer Sheba may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you travel to Israel, but it’s certainly an interesting place to visit.

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