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Acre Tours - Historical City

Acre is one of the oldest port cities in the world, and in many periods of history is mentioned as a gateway to the occupation of states of Israel. The city was declared a World heritage tour Site by “UNESCO” in 2001.

In addition, in 2008 with the announcement of other places around Akko as a Heritage to Baha’i Faith, it was also declared as Baha’i holy site, due to the temple of “Al – Bahaja”, which is located nearby.

By that Akko became the only site in Israel that was recognized by two announcements.

Today are living in Acre about 46,000 people, with two thirds of Jews and the rest are Arabs and others. Acre has a beautiful beach and is the northerly point of the beach that is covered with the fine sand that comes from the Nile in Egypt.

Acre is first mentioned in Egyptian pottery dated back to the fifteenth century BC.

The city was for years under many authorities, from Alexander the Great through the Roman rule and Byzantine rule, it became a holy city after Saint Paul visited it and the first Christian communities that use to live there.

In 1104 AD, the city is conquered by the Crusaders and becoming a thriving commercial center and an important place. Then, the city was conquered by Salah- A- din –and after held back by Richard the Lionheart.

The years after, the city was ruled by several different conquers until, in 1799 – Napoleon Bonaparte imposes a siege on the city, in order to use it as an entry conquering the land, but finally gave up.

The Old City of Acre

Old City of Acre, is located on n a peninsula and surrounded by a wall, and is one of the only cities in the Middle East whose wall is not breached, and was kept intact. The Old Town has many faces saved due to the fact that over the years, lived there people from four different religions.

Old City enclosed sea on the western side and is surrounded by a wall stated. Within the city there are different structures with historical value, churches, mosques, and synagogues.

Unlike other ancient cities in Israel, the old city still serves as a residence and is alive and has bustling markets and restaurants. Old Town consists of two separate levels, the Ottoman city and Crusader city.

Crusader city is largely underground and Ottoman city was built on the ruins of this Crusader often overlap layer has thus preserved the Crusader structures. The ancient sites include the ancient walls of Acre, Acre Castle and the “Knights Hall” that discovered underneath.

So if you are thinking of a Israel tour do not miss the city of Acre which is known for the warm citizenship that the locals give. Of course, it is recommended to eat the well-known local hummus at the “Kaf Hazahav” restaurant, which is located next to the old town and the local food market.

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