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Like any tour, even a tour to the Israel awaits you particularly enjoyable shopping experience. 

Tour Tips In Israel

Like any trip, even a trip to the Holy Land awaits you particularly enjoyable shopping experience. If you are interested in souvenirs from the Holy Land, the best places to purchase are near historical sites and holy places. In every park or church there is a gift shop that offers a wide range of products starting from holy water to olive oil from the Holy Land.

The Price Range of Israel Souvenirs

The price range of souvenirs ranging from a few dollars and number can of course get up to hundreds of dollars. Depending on the gift you have chosen to purchase. If you are in the market as there Nazareth or Jerusalem can and should bargain for the price. You can usually download 25% of the initial price offered by the seller.

The most popular products purchased are of course olive oil comes from the mountains of Jerusalem and the holy water from the Jordan River. You will find art sculptures of Jesus, bracelets and necklaces medallions in various shapes.

Israel Shopping Tips - Where To Buy

If you are not coming to visit the holy land, there are several online web stores that offer Christians gifts in variety of topics and are suitable for every pocket. The best website we recommend it is amazon which gives all purchasers items free shipping to anywhere in the world.

You can pay safely PayPal and of course you can return the purchased product within 14 days from arrival to you. You will find food, spices, oils and other excellent products in fair prices and excellent quality. The delivery time of the purchased products is between 5-8 days from the acquisition.

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