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Tour Tips In Israel

We would like to recommend to you to spend a vacation in Israel. In fact, we can think of nothing better than lazing in the sun on the beach, getting sun-tanned (of course, with due care); Israel’s sea and sun are famous and well-liked by tourists all over the world.

Best Tips To Fly To Israel

The first step would be to select a flight to Israel. Please consider the company El-Al – no need to speak about it too much. It is the leading company of flights to Israel.

In Israel – we return to the subject of the beaches. There is the Mediterranean and there is the Red Sea in Eilat. Eilat is “the pearl on the Red Sea”.

The Perfect Month For a Tour

Now summer has begun – almost officially. It is the month of May (a beautiful month) and the heat is not yet oppressive, yet the winter is behind us. If you like – you can visit also the many parks in Israel – National Parks, gems of nature and cultivation.
If you like the desert, you are invited to go to the South – the Negev, the Dead Sea, with its rich hotels and pleasures. In each large hotel on the Dead Sea you will find a spa.
If you like a green spot with water – a pleasant spot – you can go to the North. There is a lovely place called “Gan HaShlosha” in the North. In Arabic it is called “Sachne”. There are the classic pleasures – water, greenery, rocks – and also restaurants.

The Top Sites Not To Be Missed

Coming to Israel, surely you wouldn’t like to miss the archeological sites of the country. In Jerusalem, almost every stone can be ancient, with a history of its own. However, there are organized sites – like the Western Wall for instance. To visit there is a special experience. There are also the famous Mosques – holy to the Islam.

In Bethlehem, there is the famous church where, according to tradition, Jesus was born. There is the low entrance to the Church, and so everyone entering it has to bow.

Don’t forget the Sea of the Galilee and Tiberias. The pleasure of bathing in the Sea of the Galilee or taking a cruise is accompanied by the feeling that this is a great place, where our ancestors have been.

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