Church of John The Baptist

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Historical and Religious

The Church of St. John the Baptist in Jerusalem is a long standing building of historical and religious importance that has remained intact for thousands of years.

It was founded in the fifth century approximately between the years 450-460. It was possibly built at that particular location because of the presence of John the Baptist relics. The church is thought to be the house of Zebedee, the father of the apostles James and John.

It was destroyed at one in 614 by Persians, but restored soon thereafter by the Patriarch of Alexandria. The church was remodeled and rebuilt during the eleventh century. For almost a thousand years, it has remained unchanged for the most part, an amazing feat for such an aged piece of architecture.

Nowadays, it serves as a popular tourist destination as a part of the Holy Land tours. People come from all over the world to visit the historical landmark and to experience an important part of history.

Below The Ground Level

The Church of St. John the Baptist in Jerusalem is currently located in a small courtyard and is surrounded by trees. Next to the church is a Greek Orthodox monastery.

If there is a priest present, they will open the church if it is locked. Overtime, alterations have been done to make the church more stable. The original plan for this church can still be clearly seen to this day. It consists of a dome that is supported by four pillars located in a central square.

Also present are eight windows that are painted silver on the outside. The exterior of the church can be viewed in its completion from the central square of the Muristan. Within the church is a crypt which is situated approximately 6.5 meters below the ground level.

It can be approached from the south, where there are steps. An important part of this church is located on the lower level. There a cave where early Christians got together to worship. The courtyard outside is great for a stroll or for an impromptu bible study beneath the trees.

Way To Access Church of John The Baptist

If you want to visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, then Israel tours are a great way to access it. You can visit the church along with the many other important historical and holy sites of the region.

Some tourism companies in Israel offer one day tours of all of the major religious landmarks of the country. You can also go on a private tour to visit the smaller sites as well.

Bus and walking tours are also a good option to see this church and many of the other important sites. If you do decide to take a tour, it is important to remember that these are not only historical sites, but also sites of worship.

Therefore, modest clothing is expected. Avoid sleeveless shirts, shorts, and other inappropriate clothing while visiting this sites. It is expected that all visitors will pay the proper respect when on tours of these important places.

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