Attractions In Israel

Discover the spectacular attractions that Israel has to offer. No matter where you are in Israel, you can always find an attraction that is close to you. You can book online tickets for day trips that include a number of attractions on the route that includes a guide attached in whichever language you choose.

The Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

The Holy Sepulchre

Also called the Holy Sepulchre is a large church located in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, wherein the times of Jesus was located outside of the city Jerusalem.

Capernaum Israel


Capernaum is located on the north shore of Israel’s Lake of Gennesaret, about 4 km south west of the mouth of the Jordan River. Book now for day tour at Capernaum.

Highlights of Israel + Petra Tour

Jerusalem Christian Quarter

A visit to the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem will leave you stunned by the history that has been preserved for thousands of years.

basilica of the holy sepulchre

Church of John The Baptist Jerusalem

Long standing building of historical and religious importance that has remained intact for thousands of years. It was founded in the fifth century…

Church of Transfiguration

Church of Transfiguration

The special shape of the mountain that is sacred Special Topics specifically Christian religion and pilgrims who come to visit churches and monasteries that have been in place.

Tiberias Tours

A variety of tours in Israel. From day tours to full tour packages for a variety of destinations in Israel.

Mount of Olives Tour

Mount of Olives

A place you should not miss. There are a number of attractions are spectacular and breathtaking…

Weather In Israel

Mount of Precipitation

Located south of Nazareth,  and It is one of the most important attractions in the Christian world

Beit Shean National Park

Beit Shean located in the northern Jordan Valley in Israel. This area is abundant water so the city became a major crossroads and has a large number of rulers throughout history.

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